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AngelwingsVA Pilots Rules

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1 - I have reached the legal age.
2 - I have a valid and active email address.
3 - I use my real name and surname for the registration.
4 - I Will conduct myself with professionalism and courteousness to all members and staff at AngelwingsVA
If at anytime I conduct myself in a manner that may adversely affect Angel Wings VA or any of its
members, I understand that my membership will be terminated without further hesitation.
5 - I understand that my application can be rejected by Angel Wings VA for any reason.
6 - I will allow AngelwingsVA and it's staff members to email me at any time, including contacts for general correspondence, policy changes,
and events etc. Angel Wings VA does not participate in any form of SPAM and will terminate user accounts immediately for members in
violation of this agreement.
7 - I understand that interfering with other aircraft will not be tolerated.
8 - I understand that only members that have been approved by senior administrators are authorized to
work in a control tower.
9 - I will keep radio communications professional.
10 - I can invite friends to Angel Wings VA, however, I understand that they must register on the Angel
Wings VA website.
11 - I understand that if I have an issue with another member, I will contact a administrator.
12 - I understand that a decision by a administrator is final!
13 - I understand that if i violate the rules I will be removed from Angel Wings VA
14 - Pilots still members in others virtual airlines are not accepted. Must leave the previous airlines!
15 - AWX Staff reserves the faculty to accept or reject the registration of new virtual pilots from other
virtual airlines even if they are not registered with it.
16 - Pilots that don't send one pirep within 24 hours from the registration confirm date, will be deleted. If
you have problems with our software installation or other problems to report please contact the staff within this period via AIRMAIL in your pilot center.
17 - Have respect for all members, ALWAYS!
18 - AngelwingsVA Staff is not responsible for disagreements between pilots and they will accept any consequence taken by the AWS Staff without discussion.
19 - Pilots who provide private informations about TS chanel comunications,site modules and software to other virtual companies members or people linked to members of other companies will be deleted permanently.
20 - Make at least one flight a week. (1 PIREP sent at week)
21 - Pilots become inactive after 30 days without sending PIREP The pilots can request to the staff the reactivation of their account within 7 days, after this period the staff is authorized to delete the pilot's account.
22 - Military operations are not accepted. Military aircraft must be approved by staff and only for pilots
with at least 220 hours of actual flight in our company. (Transferred hours excluded)
23 - Pilots can flight with AWX-acars:
In FSX free flight or offline.
In ivao/vatsim networks but without using our call sign Angel / Angel Cargo.
Except where explicitly prohibited.
24 - If you are flying in other virtual company session and you get offended (as AWX member ), do not
reply but report the problem via air mail to the administrators of your company.
25 - I understand that all earned money in our virtual company are only and exclusively virtual.
26 - Multiple subscriptions from a single person and / or with fake names, are not accepted and will be deleted.
27 - Pilots registered with Angelwings VA are aware and accept everything written from the point 1 to 26.

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